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SS-EN-00-ZDM150 150W LED Zigbee Dimmer Module

SS-EN-00-ZDM150 150W LED Zigbee Dimmer Module


Our award-winning dimmer module combined with Zigbee technology is designed to allow you to control your lighting from any location using your smartphone. This dimmer module is supported by iOS and Android, providing you with state-of-the-art smart control. This allows you to dim, turn your lights on and off, and even pre-set ambient moods for different times of the day.

The ZDM150 also features a wiring option for both retractive and two-way retractive switches. With this unique feature you can still control your lights via touch, as well as with your device.

The ZDM150 Zigbee Dimmer requires a small voltage at all times in order to be connected with smart devices. If you are noticing voltage leak through your lighting, you can try our Bypass Module.

5 year guarantee*

  • Easy push button setup
  • Trailing/Leading Edge
  • No Neutral required
  • Soft start feature
  • Silent & flicker free
  • Self Recovering Thermal Fuse
  • Short Circuit & Overload Protection
  • Manual dimming possible via a connected Retractive Switch(s)
  • Supports IOS or Android for wireless control and automation (gateway required)
  • Compatible with most leading Zigbee Gateways

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