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LEDs have transformed the world of domestic and commercial lighting, delivering efficiency, performance, and versatility. Energy consumption initiatives and growing consumer interest in mood lighting and creative illumination schemes have driven an increased demand for high performing LED dimming technologies.

Dimming low voltage, digitally controlled LED drivers from 240v mains supply has caused complex challenges for dimming technology. Obsolete incandescent or halogen lightbulbs dimmed effectively by cutting or interrupting power from the leading edge of the electrical wave current. The dimming of LED lighting performs more smoothly, effectively and efficiently (length of service) when the wave is cut on the trailing edge.

LED dimming is further complicated by the need of a driver to convert the mains Alternating Current (AC) power to a smooth low voltage Direct Current (DC). As with all new technologies, no universal standard has been established for the manufacture of LED drivers. This has resulted in compatibility issues between LED dimmers and drivers that have plagued the industry for years and prematurely aged many seasoned electricians who have encountered the commonplace frustration of flickering LED lights.

  • Soft start technology – allows soft illumination when switched on, as well as improve lifespan of LED chips by slowly introducing power
  • Auto load detection - state of the art software that assesses the load, setting the best parameter for that load, and adapting to provide optimum light at every level, eliminating flickering
  • Simplified setup with standardised push button programming – just one button on the rear of the module to easily set the dimmer functions, standard across the Enkin range
  • Self-recovering thermal fuse - automatically shuts down if the dimmer exceeds the thermal limit and resumes power once cool, eliminating risk of damage while preserving the module
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection – module performs automatic check for incorrect installation and faults in the circuit
  • Robust build quality – larger, purpose designed heat sinks and practical sized terminals that allow for a safe and sturdy module
  • Tested with over 60 leading brands of luminaires – extensive software tests and configurations to improve overall compatibility
  • Extensive grid adaptor kits – ensures compatibility with leading light switch manufacturers
  • Meaningful guarantees – Enkin are confident that their dimmers work and is reflected in their 5-year guarantee