Dimming modules are right on 'Point'

Featured in Professional Electrician, January 2024

The client engaged the Enkin team during their renovation of a significant period property overlooking the Falmouth coast: Clay Point.

Enkin worked closely with the client to their lighting project according to their brief. This centred around creating ambience and visual impact in line with the building’s unique period character while introducing a technologically modernised lighting system to benefit contemporary family life. A key element of this was replacing the outdated dimming knobs previously installed throughout the property.

Clay Point represented Enkin’s first full-house installation using their award-winning dimming modules.


Installation at Clay Point was led by Aaron Withers of Withers Building and Electrical using products by Enkin.

A focal point of the brief and of course, the client’s day-to-day life, was the large scale, open plan kitchen dining room: the much loved “heart of the home”. Frequently used for entertaining as well as cooking, the client required lighting that was both atmospheric and functional, coupled with a high degree of control to be able to switch between the two. The resulting lighting plan called for layered lighting and multi-locational dimming capability, and so Enkin’s IDM250 In-Line Dimming Modules were selected for the task, fitted behind toggle switches.

The In-Line Dimming Module is designed to sit behind a retractive toggle switch allowing for true multi-location dimming. This combines the sought-after convenience of dimming from multiple positions around the room, and the desired aesthetic for the traditional design of the kitchen.

The orangery also held high importance for the client. Referring to it as their “most special room”, the orangery is an open plan, double height glasshouse, with distinct period attributes that is frequently used for family gatherings. The client had previously struggled to get the lighting right due to there being “so many angles and no clear centre” to the space. This insight led to a customised lighting installation of statement period-style pieces alongside cleverly situated accent lighting, all controlled by Enkin’s In-Line Dimming Modules.

With the benefit of the IDM250 being concealed behind a dimming toggle switch, the dimmer once again remained in keeping with the architectural detailing of the room, complementing the client’s carefully coordinated décor scheme. The convenience brought by Enkin’s multi-location dimming functionality was well-suited to such a large space, adding a technological advantage to the period-style space.

Product Benefits

For the electricians responsible for fitting the dimming modules at Clay Point, the additional ease of installation and safe, reliable technology gave them the confidence that they had delivered to the brief.

For the client, the Dimming Toggle Switches provided a practical modern lighting solution without having to compromise on the period aesthetic of their newly renovated home. The multi-location dimming functionality of the IDM250 In-Line Dimmer supported their requirements for adjusting between ambience and task lighting in large rooms. The versatility of the module meant that it could be fitted behind switches and sockets in a finish of their choosing, while Enkin’s silent and flicker-free technology ensured seamless lighting control and uninterrupted ambience.

Electrician testimonial

On working with Enkin, Aaron Withers of Withers Building and Electrical, who led the installation, said, “I was really impressed. Installation was quick thanks to the simple setup instructions, and I could easily set all the parameters required. The compatibility with the luminaires was great and there was no annoying flickering or buzzing. The Enkin technical team was top notch too - quick to help and very knowledgeable when we had questions.”

Client testimonial

Enkin’s client, the owner of Clay Point, said, “We now have an amazing arrangement of lights in our home, and we simply couldn’t do without our dimming toggles - they work brilliantly, and we haven’t had a single issue. They are also much admired: every guest who comes to our home asks where we bought them!”

About Enkin

Enkin is an award-winning British electrical brand that designs and manufactures innovative LED dimming products. The company was founded in 2021 to meet an increasing demand for reliable, high performing dimming technologies that emerged from new energy consumption initiatives and a growing consumer interest in mood lighting and creative illumination schemes. Enkin’s award-winning dimming modules address common compatibility issues associated with traditional dimmers and the frustration they cause for electricians and interior designers, as well as their clients. Designed to eliminate flickering and buzzing, Enkin’s sophisticated dimming technology is silent and smooth, with easy push button setup for seamless installation and soft-start technology to prolong the life of LED bulbs.

Key features of Enkin dimming modules

• Push button technology for easy setup in 15 seconds
• Compatibility tested with over 60 leading luminaire manufacturers
• Switchable driving modes alternating between leading and trailing edge
• Reduced housing size compatible with most switch manufacturers
• Compatible grid adapters for leading switch manufacturer
• Oversized terminals to accommodate multiple cables and a more secure fit

Safety features include:
• Overload and short circuit protection
• Self-resettable thermal fuse
• Large heat-sinks, extending longevity